Boulder International Fringe Festival

Boulder, Colorado
August 11–August 22, 2021

Boulder International Fringe Festival
2590 Walnut St #5
Boulder, CO

Phone: 1-303-803-5643

Most recent festival

25 participating companies

$39,000 returned to artists

Application and selection

Application fee(s)

Application Fee - $50
Listing Fee - $200
Large Venue - $700
Medium Venue - $600
Small Venue - $500
BYOV - $400

Selection process

First 25% of slots in each category are first come, first served. The rest will be entered into the general public lottery to be drawn in February at the public Fringe Lottery Party. So apply early and be sure to get in on the fun!
Stay tuned to for further details.

Production information

Venue sizes:

Small Venue (20-­49 seats)
Medium Venue (50-­99 seats)
Large Venue (100+ seats)
BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue)

Number of performances per show: 4-6

Maximum ticket price: 15

Maximum show length: 60