The CAFF Ombudsprocess provides assistance in addressing certain complaints arising between performing artists or companies and individual CAFF member festivals.

The Ombudsprocess acknowledges receipt of correspondence, investigates complaints, reports findings, facilitates discussions, and responds in a timely manner.

An artist or company may use the Ombudsprocess for assistance when:

1) they are uncertain about CAFF policies and procedures
2) if they feel they have been unfairly or inequitably treated
3) if they wish to know where to direct a formal complaint or grievance
4) if they require assistance to negotiate a solution or facilitate communication with the festival in question

The CAFF Ombudsprocess does not serve a “policing” function, does not make decisions, negotiate, or advocate for any side in a conflict. The Ombudsprocess is one that gathers information, facilitates communication between relevant parties, communicates grievances to the CAFF Executive, and provides a response to the artist or company.


If you wish to use the CAFF Ombudsprocess, send an e-mail to outlining the festival name and dates, nature of your concern or policy question, and any actions you have taken to date to contact or communicate your grievance with the member festival in question.

Your e-mail will be received by a CAFF Executive for review.

The Ombudsprocess will endeavour to respond within the following timeline:

  • You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your initial e-mail within 7 days.
  • A CAFF Executive will answer general CAFF policy questions within 14 days, if they are not related to a specific member festival.
  • If a specific festival has been identified in the complaint, a CAFF Executive will contact the festival for the purposes of relaying your concern to the relevant person, and gathering additional information. You will be contacted within 30 days with the progress of this communication.

This process is informal and confidential