San Francisco Fringe Festival

San Francisco, California
September 8–September 23, 2017

156 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA

Phone: 415.931.1094

Most recent festival

35 participating companies

$40,775 in 2016 returned to artists

Application and selection

Application fee(s)

$35 application fee
$500-$1,000 performance fee depending upon size of venue and whether a 60 minute or 90 minute performance slot

Selection process


Production information

Venue sizes:

EXIT Studio (36 seats, $500 for 60 minute performance slot, $550 for a 90 minute slot)
EXIT Stage Left (49 seats, $600 for 60 minute performance slot, $650 for a 90 minute slot)
EXIT Theatre (80 seats, $750 for 60 minute performance slot, $800 for a 90 minute slot)
Other venues to be determined

Number of performances per show: 4 performances

Maximum ticket price: 12

Maximum show length: 90

To All Fringe Performers,

2017 festival dates are September 8 – September 23, 2017.

Indie Theatre is where I have spent my life and I wouldn’t want to be any place else.  I love the excitement of new work and the creative minds of the artists who present it.  I love risk taking and what better place to experience it than at a Fringe Festival.

A festival that does not curate and proudly returns 100% of ticket sales to the performing companies.  A festival that has inexpensive tickets.  A festival that celebrates community, collaboration and experimentation.  A festival that relies on the volunteers and staff who support it.  A festival that promises and delivers some tears, some laughter, some thought provoking work and always a few surprises!

The San Francisco Fringe Festival is a proud member of a network of Fringes in North America – CAFF — that support all of this and more.  For the past 25 years the San Francisco Fringe Festival has brought new and exciting work to the stage and each year we look forward to what the fringe will bring.

Happy Fringing,

Producer, San Francisco Fringe Festival